the author
My name is Guillaume Desagulier. I serve as an Associate Professor of English Grammar and Linguistics at Paris 8 University in France and a research fellow at UMR 7114 Laboratory (MoDyCo, Paris Nanterre University). I am a junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France (2017-2022). My current project is on the automatic detection and comprehension of multiword expressions by means of artificial intelligence (deep learning and neural networks). My research methods include, but are not limited to, corpus linguistics with R, classification methods, multifactorial methods, causal inference, graph theory, and collocations.

the blog
Around the word delves into corpus linguistics, its theoretical relevance, and its applications. While presenting and discussing the text-mining apparatus used in traditional corpus linguistics, the blog introduces the reader to more recent techniques that I wish I had come across much earlier in my career. Although deeply rooted in the study of language, this blog serves as a bridge to other disciplines, such as the digital humanities, natural language processing, statistics, and artificial intelligence.

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